Blue Bear puts the time and effort into understanding "your world”, your operations, challenges, objectives, goals,
obstacles and opportunities. Based on the work involved in understanding your world, we apply our knowledge,
expertise, experience and innovation to develop insurance and risk management solutions that deliver results
for our clients.

Our clients’ interests are first and foremost in our minds; we seek to represent our clients’ interests with integrity,
vigor and hard work. Blue Bear designs client programs for long term strength and short term flexibility. We streamline processes and ease your administrative and compliance workload. We aim to help our clients establish smart programs of protection that are sound, stable, efficient and cost-effective. We create, maximize and maintain value by committing ourselves to our clients’ ongoing best interests.

Blue Bear’s services range from simple solutions to sophisticated, tailor made programs. We can evaluate and create alternative funding insurance programs that address virtually the entire spectrum of insurance and risk. We can work with individual entities, group programs and association business, in addition to the various product and service providers such as brokers, insurers, re-insurers, actuaries and the like. We understand the dynamics of the marketplace and have the ability to harmonize a desirable working relationship amongst the involved parties so that our clients can achieve their goals.

Blue Bear takes the time to educate our clients so they are fully informed. This approach increases our clients' options, understanding and ability to obtain cost effective, sound coverage protection. We conceive of solutions that maximize informed decision-making, client control and a strategy for your short and long-term future. We help you meet your challenges, be they immediate or years down the road.

Contact: Phone: 212-269-0180