Blue Bear's approach facilitates the development of a sound risk management strategy for our clients’

Accordingly we will provide a full complement of management services, which include:

  • Establishment of a sound insurance and reinsurance program, involving actuarial studies, development
    of insurance coverage and policy forms, determination of retention levels and limits including aggregate
    and stop loss limits, and selection of a strong insurance and reinsurance structure, reinsurance coverage
    by treaty and/or facultative contracts utilizing quota share and/or stop loss protection. We will work with
    all of the various entities chosen by our clients to develop an appropriate program that is efficient and
    effective; be they brokers, intermediaries, insurers/reinsurers, accountants or actuaries. We can assist
    our clients in analyzing who they can and should work with (by Request for Proposals – RFP, interviews,
    etc.), and then we will coordinate activities to deliver optimum results.

  • Claims management which includes the evaluation, adjustment and settlement of claims; the reporting
    of claims for accounting, audit, actuarial, and STAT and GAAP accounting and reporting purposes; the
    selection where necessary of independent adjusters; and working with client in-house counsel and
    outside legal counsel on coverage and claim handling issues.

  • Financial Reporting involving provision of cash flow, STAT and GAAP reporting and analysis;
    recommendations regarding the establishment of adequate capital and reserves, input with regard to
    financial results and accounting entries, investment policies and
    general financial reporting.

  • Administrative Services, which include organizational matters
    (meetings of the Board, Agendas, Management Reports, etc.)
    claims reporting and accounting services, and policyholder

  • Assisting with the ongoing development of an effective
    safety, loss control and prevention program, which
    entails the evaluation of the client’s risks and
    exposures to loss and the implementation of
    loss prevention programs together with a plan
    to monitor its effectiveness.

Contact: Phone: 212-269-0180