Blue Bear is intent on being a first class, independent risk management and insurance consulting firm providing our
services with integrity and always representing our clients best interests first and foremost. Blue Bear’s vision is clear and far reaching; we bring great capacity and depth to our clients. We provide our clients with outstanding expertise and experience in Risk Management, Risk Financing and Insurance. We explore the benefits and possibilities of traditional and alternative insurance program options and can implement programs that prove valuable. Our philosophy is to serve as your Risk Manager and Consultant, as if we were directly employed by your organization with responsibilities agreed upon by you.

We are dedicated to delivering top notch service by providing clients with state-of-the-art information about risk
management and insurance industry practices. Our goal is to provide the client with a comprehensive risk
management plan specifically tailored to our client’s unique needs.

  • We strive to align our interests with our client's interests, and believe that our compensation should be linked directly to results. We monitor results jointly with our partner-clients on both a short and long term basis. The key performance metrics are:
    1. How well the human, financial and operational assets of the client are protected and enhanced;
    2. The cost-effectiveness of the programs and solutions put into place;
    3. The efficiency and workability of risk management operations.

  • We believe that risk management is a skill that encompasses everything from science, to art, to finance, to practical day-to-day considerations, to long term vision. Good risk management takes into account short and long-term goals and objectives, and balances many considerations so that a decision is reached on how to best proceed at a particular point in time, with flexibility to address the ever-changing operational and financial landscapes of our clients.

  • Informed decision-making by our clients is our driving goal. We have the ability to help clients uniquely
    understand their options and all related considerations; from cost, to protection, to feasibility, to short
    and long term operational and financial ramifications, to compliance, to timelines, to every day matters
    such as certificates of insurance, claims handling, management reporting and program maintenance.
    All clients are different in terms of their risk appetite and the related financial, operational and stability
    considerations; in light of this reality we do not provide “off-the-shelf” solutions to our clients. Rather, our clients receive well-conceived, tailor-made programs that are designed to provide strength and flexibility.

Management Services

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